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Building Bridges

Here at Bridge we believe every person has a right to tell their story from their perspective. We also believe telling your story to others can help others begin to understand you and your culture better.

Bridge's goal is to create a safe space for students to; share their own truth, understand others and develop a wider perspective of the world.


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another

Society is becoming more 'globally connected' every day, it's time we had an up to date cultural education platform that represents the world we live in today. Giving students the ability to form connections with people in their local town or across the globe.

We are all Global Citizens

So let's open up students eyes to the vast variety of different cultures
and prepare them for later life.

How it works!

Inclusivity Pledge

Bridge has big dreams.
Our aim is to have a global network of cultures all over the world.

For Bridge to have its true effect and meaning we need to reach as far and wide as we can; geographically, economically and socially.

Through partnership with technology suppliers, sister schools and sister councils we hope to reach students all around the globe.

The Journey so far

Bridge is in its early stages, we have hosted a few workshop working in Hackney Borough. Our aim is to host more beta workshops to help us learn more about what students and parents want. This will enable us to tailor our app to make it more effective. Here are some photos from the workshops!

The Next Step

We need you! To help us on our journey we need to hear from you. Whether you are student, parent, teacher or community member we need people to get involved! Head over to our Facebook page to find the next virtual workshop. You can connect with people across the world to begin building bridges.

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